Hi! My Name Is Zeus

We're happy to tell you that Zeus has a new furever home.
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At first glance, Zeus is just the cutest little orange boy with a unique smudge of color under each eye. But at playtime, he lives up to his name: Zeus, Greek god of thunder! “He is the instigator of trouble with his siblings,” laughs his foster mom. “He never misses out on playtime.” The tough guy act quickly disappears when there actually is thunder, though – or any other loud noise. “He is big and acts tough, but he runs and hides with loud noises.” And he just might seek refuge on his favorite person’s lap – where he tends to relax anyway. “He also likes to curl up on us for rubs and a nap. He enjoys being cuddled and has a loud purr.” Although Zeus has only been around teenagers, his foster mom thinks he has “a great personality for all children.” In fact, he’d be happiest with playmates, plenty of toys, and a window perch from which to watch over his new home. Will it be yours?