Hi! My Name Is Weasley

We're happy to tell you that Weasley has a new furever home.
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It’s no coincidence that Weasley of the “Harry Potter” litter has the name that he does. He’s going to make a great furry best friend for someone. Plus, he has Weasley’s ginger hair. But part of our Weasley’s unique charm is his versatility: While he “welcomes cuddles,” says his foster mom, he’s equally content playing with other felines or entertaining himself with toys or exploring. “With a selection of toys, he can keep himself entertained all day. He never complains and is generally happy all the time.” In fact, a sure way for his future family to win him over is to welcome him with an array of trinkets. “Kicker toys, chaser toys, balls, wands. You name it, he loves it!” After all, in describing Weasley, the first words that come to his foster mom are “brave” and “curious” and “always on the move.” Is it time for Weasley to move in with you?