Hi! My Name Is Thomas

We're happy to tell you that Thomas has a new furever home.
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It can be a scary life for a stray kitten. Where to get food? How to dodge predators? But
Thomas’s life turned around on the Fourth of July weekend, when a kind soul caught him and
Whiskers TNR took him in. He was a bit nervous at first but would eek out the most endearing
purr when volunteers would handle him. And now, just a couple weeks later? “Thomas is an
easygoing, chill purr machine!” says his foster mom. “He purrs the minute you get within an inch
of him.” Thomas’s favorite hobbies are stalking toys, snoozing ever-so-adorably on his cat tree
and cuddling on his foster mom’s lap to catch a little TV. He’s a brave boy, too, making the first
move to befriend the resident cat. As for the dog? “I am hesitant but curious,” says his foster
mom, from Thomas’s perspective. “I puff up and hiss but could be purr-suaded to make friends.”
In fact, she thinks he would thrive in “any home with lots of love for this perfect boy.” Are
fireworks going off in your heart for sweet Thomas?