Hi! My Name Is Sandy

We're happy to tell you that Sandy has a new furever home.
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Sandy may share a name with the outgoing underwater squirrel on SpongeBob SquarePants, but
so far, she’s mostly a go-getter with her brother, Plankton. With people? Sandy just needs a little
more time – and the right person – to win her over! “She is still quite shy and will need some
deliberate work to get her to be the sweet cat that I know is in there,” says her foster dad. After
all, Sandy – like the rest of her SpongeBob siblings – were found in a Norwalk neighborhood by
a kind Whiskers alumni family who were determined to catch the kittens to get them better lives.
While Sandy hasn’t “been able to show her true personality yet,” she’s revealed glimpses – like
her love of wrestling Plankton and “such a sweet, although reluctant, purr.” She would thrive in a
quieter home with a cat of similar size and temperament to be her buddy – and a patient, loving
person to help her reach her full potential. Will you be the one to help Sandy come out of her