Hi! My Name Is Rain

We're happy to tell you that Rain has a new furever home.
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Rain may look like your classic black kitten, but looks can be deceiving. According to his foster mom, “he’s such a chameleon” – in the best way possible! “This sweet boy is never unhappy,” she explained. “He’s content being quiet, playful, cuddly or an explorer. He really adjusts to any situation.” Is the rest of the “Springtime Litter” wrestling? Look out for Rain’s belly flop. Have a toy you’d like to introduce to him? You have Rain’s undivided attention, especially if it’s a “dangly” contraption. “He likes to stand on his hind legs or jump up in the air to ‘hunt’ balls dangling on a string.” But like most of his siblings, one of Rain’s favorite things to hunt is lap time with his person. “Five of the six can be found in a cuddle pile on top of me. They are all purr machines.” If you’re looking for a versatile kitten, Rain goes with the flow!