Hi! My Name Is Pumbaa

We're happy to tell you that Pumbaa has a new furever home.
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In the beginning, Pumbaa the kitten’s life wasn’t exactly Hakuna Matata. He and his littermates were found motherless at a job site. “When they were brought into Whiskers' care, they needed a mom,” says his human foster mom. “Nala was missing her kittens that she lost but was happy to adopt the Lion King litter as her own.” Pumbaa was the “spiciest” of the babies as he settled into his new surroundings – but not for long. “He has turned into my favorite little boy. He just has to look at you to start the purring.” Pumbaa’s favorite pastime is “attacking his favorite toy” that resembles a candy cane, and his foster family’s favorite thing about him is his adorably round face (that looks nothing like a warthog). Is your home where Pumbaa can keep living his new problem-free philosophy?