Hi! My Name Is Potato

We're happy to tell you that Potato has a new furever home.
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There’s no such thing as a half-baked idea when it comes to Potato! This kitten is every bit as snuggly and playful as his brothers, but being the only ebony boy in a sea of orange isn’t his only standout feature. “He is the thinker of the group. The other kittens follow his lead,” says their foster mom. “While he is just as rambunctious as the others, he will put thought into what action he is going to take.” For instance, Potato’s favorite toy isn’t a store-bought one – although he has quite the selection of choose from. “He has a cotton ball that is his that he likes to carry around like a prize possession and then hide it so no one else can get to it when play time is over!” And when that time comes, this hot Potato is ready to cool off with some cuddles. Are you cottoning to Potato?