Peter Piper

Hi! My Name Is Peter Piper

We're happy to tell you that Peter Piper has a new furever home.
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Go ahead. We know you want to give it your best shot: “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers …” We can’t say it five times fast either! But we could talk ALL day about the kitten
named for the popular nursery rhyme. The feline version is a standout not only for his cheery orange coat but for being a people magnet. “Peter Piper was the popular kitty at Pet Supplies Plus,” said his foster mom, referring to a recent meet-and-greet at the Des Moines pet store. “He loved all the kids and being held by kids or adults.” While Peter Piper does his share of silly playing – especially with anything to do with feathers – he’s “super mellow until you put a toy in front of him. His purr is super loud and he is the first one to snuggle with me.” Is Peter Piper your pick of the litter?