Hi! My Name Is Midnight

We're happy to tell you that Midnight has a new furever home.
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Midnight may have a fetching black coat, but she’s true-blue cat: a little mysterious and a lover on her own terms. But that’s part of her charm! “I always love it when she peeks her head up over the edge of the couch, clearly looking for attention,” says her foster mom. “She’ll climb up onto my chest and lay there purring while being petted. But she doesn’t always do that, so it’s a special time when she does.” And after Midnight’s previous lot in life, she deserves to be pampered. When she first arrived at Whiskers, she was mistakenly thought to be pregnant, when her round belly was actually proof of how many litters she’d had on the street. “When it came time for her to be spayed, the vet said that her uterus was literally disintegrating. Another litter of kittens may have risked her life.” Now, Midnight is ready for a new life with a family of her own, especially one that will give her time to settle in, space to love in her own heart-melting way, and plenty of head scratches. “Her favorite thing ever is getting scratched on the face!” Is it finally time for Midnight to find a forever home with you?