Hi! My Name Is Lionel

We're happy to tell you that Lionel has a new furever home.
Please visit our Available Cats Page to see the cats currently available.

One of the “’80s Music Legends” here at Whiskers, Lionel was named for the one and only
Lionel Ritchie. If you’re looking for a kitten that loves attention but can also play and entertain
himself, Lionel would like to say, “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?” One of his cutest habits
comes out when he spots a toy, or other object, to his liking. “He loves to explore,” says his
foster mom. “If he finds something he likes, it is his and he will carry it around with him forever
– until something else sparks his attention!” He also cracks her up during hide-and-seek, one of
his favorite games. “He hides in places where it’s really obvious to see him, but he thinks he is
outsmarting the world.” An easygoing goofball, Lionel would do well in any loving home, but
especially one with a furry buddy to play with. “He goes with the flow and, like his’80s
namesake, he can be up all night or slow down to help you sing ‘We Are the World.’” Will you
pick Lionel for endless love?