Hi! My Name Is Laverne

We're happy to tell you that Laverne has a new furever home.
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Ever watch that fabulous classic TV show, “Laverne and Shirley”? Laverne’s kitten namesake
has every ounce of the original’s charisma! “She ‘chirps’ to greet you when she sees you walk in
a room,” says her foster mom. “If she is sleeping, she will pop her head out of the spot, chirp and
reach out as if to say, ‘See how cute I am?’” Do we ever! We can’t get enough of how she likes
to “bop noses” with her foster family, purrs if a person so much as walks by, and stretches out to
beg for belly rubs. And if you’ve never “held hands” with a cat, lovey Laverne can change that!
“She reaches out to ensure she is touching an arm or a hand when we settle in to watch TV.” But
rest assured, Laverne also offers plenty of comedy just like the TV character, especially when it’s
playtime. “She will chase the feather toys for the longest time, stalking them and then pouncing.
When she stalks them, she starts by wiggling her little hiney, gets focused and then … pounce!”
With our Laverne, it’s episode after episode of love and laughter.