Hi! My Name Is Jade

We're happy to tell you that Jade has a new furever home.
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Even in a mostly-black litter, there’s no mistaking which kitten is Jade. “She has the softest fur of
the bunch,” says their foster mom. “You can just tell it’s her by touch because she’s so soft!” And
she’s SO social, just like the rest of the “Greens Litter” and their bonus sister, Eve. “They cuddle
on our laps and our 7- and 8-year-old like to carry them around frequently. … They are generally
all five in the same room or area. They like the company to snuggle when resting and to play.”
As for play time, there’s no telling what silliness will unfold. Strings, balls, feathered cat toys,
exploring the house, climbing expeditions – it’s all fair game! “All are super playful during ‘play
mode’ and then very cuddly during ‘rest mode.’” Are you ready for Jade to begin “forever home
mode” with you?