Honey Bun

Hi! My Name Is Honey Bun

We're happy to tell you that Honey Bun has a new furever home.
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If you’ve ever indulged in a Honey Bun, you probably have an idea what to expect in the kitten version: sweet, comforting and reliably good. According to her foster mom, our Honey Bun also has classic “tabby tendencies” like an outgoing nature. After all, Honey Bun has the most striking chocolate and brown tabby coat with accents of white. (Come to think of it, she reminds us a little of a cinnamon roll!) While Honey Bun enjoys playing with stuffed mice and wand toys, the main attraction for this kitten is people. “She meows for attention. She will fall asleep in your arms.” And the members of her foster family are only too happy to oblige. “Her cuteness is sometimes just too much for me. I have to pick her up and squeeze her!” Are you sweet on Honey Bun?