Hi! My Name Is Diana

We're happy to tell you that Diana has a new furever home.
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Diana is “fearless and fun,” just like her namesake, the legendary Diana Ross. “She is a kitten on a mission,” says her foster mom. “We don’t know what the mission is, but she is bound to get it accomplished!” This little diva has been known to comically gallop through the house during playtime and leap to impressively high windowsills because “there’s ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep her from sunning herself. But when she’s ready to get her beauty rest, there’s also nothing that could keep Diana from snuggling on her person’s lap. Her foster mom thinks she’ll bring “endless love” and hours of entertainment to her forever home. “From trying out leaps that seem impossible for her little body, to insisting the 90-pound lab cuddles with her and catching the ‘vicious’ crinkle ball and strutting it around for all to see, Diana is a true show stopper.”