Hi! My Name Is Claude

We're happy to tell you that Claude has a new furever home.
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When Claude’s owner passed away, the future was uncertain for this handsome tuxedo boy. He lived outside with 17 other cats – who would take care of them now? Luckily for Claude and the others, his late owner’s family reached out to Whiskers TNR for help. While Claude was waiting to be neutered, he showed a spark of potential to be an indoor kitty. “He didn’t seek out attention but didn’t shy away either,” remembers his foster mom. “So, we decided to give him a shot.”  And what a turn of events unfolded from there! Not only has Claude demonstrated that he likes being petted, he befriended Vinny, a very lonely, very hurt cat also in foster care. While Vinny stayed in a dog kennel with all sorts of cozy touches while he recovered from surgery, Claude
often had the run of the room. “Early on, we noticed Claude would hang out next to Vinny’s kennel and Vinny started to respond as well. … Once we opened the kennel door, Vinny stayed put, but Claude went right in and snuggled up in bed with him! The purrs of these two were so loud.” But perhaps no one should have been completely surprised: The pattern on sweet Claude’s
coat actually creates a heart on his side! Now, we’re hoping to find someone who has a heart for both of these boys to give them a trial adoption together (although separate adoptions may be considered if the cats are able to bond with other animals in the home). While Claude is more comfortable with people, Vinny’s potential is limitless. And their bond alone is enough to melt
hearts in a forever home. “They were so happy to be together at last.” Will you be the person to give them a happy ending together?