Hi! My Name Is Celine

We're happy to tell you that Celine has a new furever home.
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Even in a litter of lovable divas, Celine is a standout, named for stage icon Celine Dion. First,
there’s her classic black-cat appearance with those showstopping golden eyes. Then, there’s her
enchanting personality – a little shy but with a heart that will go on and on. “She can be a little
leery with people at first but really melts into my arms now when I hold her.” And when her
sisters, Paula and Tiffany, aren’t looking, Celine shows that she has an adorable playful streak,
too. “She’s a pouncer! She watches her sisters and wiggles her bottom while she waits for just
the right time to get them.” Maybe it’s the right time for you get Celine home? She’s too precious
a kitten to be “all by myself.”