Hi! My Name Is Camilo

We're happy to tell you that Camilo has a new furever home.
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It’s no coincidence that Camilo the kitten was named after a character on “Encanto.” A prankster? Check “yes” to both the feline and cartoon versions. A heart of gold? Yes again. The incredible superpower of shapeshifting? OK, so that’s a difference … maybe. “While Camilo the kitten cannot shapeshift, this actually describes him to a T,” says his foster mom. “He got his name because of his distinct markings that give him a look of maybe being anything he wants.” And what he mostly wants to be is a go-getter with a sense of fun that rivals any movie plot. “He loves to be the one to instigate play and try finding new things in the house.” Our Camilo also loves food – the only one of his siblings not to lose weight – and “recess” when all the toys come out. “He needs a home where people have time to play with him and don’t mind a cat that gets a case of the ‘zoomies.’” Are you ready to have Camilo morph into your silly sidekick?