Hi! My Name Is Bella

We're happy to tell you that Bella has a new furever home.
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Here at Whiskers, we’ve seen plenty of unique situations, but Bella’s is most definitely a first: A family noticed her living under their deck … with a family of opossums! Thanks to their kindness, Bella is now thriving in a Whiskers foster home – and charming her caregivers with an adorably opossum-like habit! “Bella has some marsupial tendencies,” jokes her foster mom. “I have a sweatshirt with a pouch in it, specifically for helping socialize cats. It is her favorite place to be. She could ride around in that pouch all day and will peek her head out when curious and snuggle down in there if she is feeling timid.” And Bella, a “beautiful wallflower,” does tend to be shy, “but she is loving, too. While she may not be ready for a loud crowd, this kitty has a loud motor and purrs so loud when you are petting her.” With time and patience, her foster mom thinks that Bella would do well in any home. Can she hitch her next ride to yours?