Hi! My Name Is Beaker

We're happy to tell you that Beaker has a new furever home.
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Named for the fuzzy-haired lab assistant on “The Muppets,” Beaker is a people cat. “Once she sees a person,” says her foster dad, “she immediately starts purring and wants to be with them.” Or, if they aren’t able to oblige, she’ll find entertainment elsewhere! “Any time I am not directly paying attention to her, I hear someone getting beat up, and it is always Beaker on top getting the best of whoever decided to engage her.” All in good fun, of course. Beaker would do well in any home with people to love and a wrestling partner. “She is just so sweet and playful all the time. She is just a happy kitten doing what happy kittens should be doing. She doesn’t have a care in the world.” Does Beaker have the formula for your perfect pet?