Hi! My Name Is Alastor

We're happy to tell you that Alastor has a new furever home.
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When Alastor was just a baby in the “Harry Potter” litter, one of his eyes tended to be a little crusty, hence the inspiration to name him after Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody. Well, his eye isn’t “mad” anymore and, for that matter, he’s not surly like his namesake, either! In fact, our Alastor is “a zen little kitten who radiates love,” says his foster mom. “He’s incredibly sweet, calm and quiet.” While he gets along well with his brothers and enjoys frisking in classic kitten fashion, by far his favorite thing is cuddling with his favorite person. We think you’ll fall hard for him, too, especially “his big puppy dog eyes and the sweetest face you’ve very seen! He’s just a little bundle of love.” Wouldn’t you love to have a buddy who only has eyes for you?