Hi! My Name Is Abby

We're happy to tell you that Abby has a new furever home.
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Abby may not be pink and have bushy pigtails, but a little girl in her former home named her for the Muppet on Sesame Street – probably because they’re both so sweet! And this Abby has managed to keep that personality even after surviving a tornado. Everyone was OK, but dealing with the aftermath forced Abby’s people to ask for Whiskers TNR’s help in finding her a new family. “Abby would do well in any home,” says her foster mom. “Abby is so sweet. She loves attention on her own terms, but it doesn’t take much time for her to warm up to someone.” Abby just raised her last litter of kittens, who also will be available for adoption, and loves to spend time with her buddy, Mrs. Murry, a fellow mama cat who came from that storm-ravaged property. “They are not bonded but are the best of friends. They raised their babies together!” Abby’s favorite things include being petted, sunning herself, snuggling into a cozy blanket, and “she really enjoys the cat fountain.” But now (cue the music) can you tell her how to get … how to get to adoption street?