Henry – Henry was a stray tomcat who frequently visited the yard of an elderly gentleman and would spray and make messes everywhere. He was unwanted, uncared for and unloved.  He was humanely trapped and then taken to the clinic to be neutered and vaccinated. Because he was feral, we did not allow him to come indoors to recover from his surgery.  However, it was winter and cold outside, so we kept him in the garage where he had access to a heated cat bed, as well as food and water. After a few days of sitting in the garage with him, he began to trust us.  It wasn’t long before Henry became a permanent resident here, as he stole our hearts. He now lives indoors and more days than not, he is the center of attention.

Jack – Jack was a young stray tomcat from a colony of twenty that needed help. It was obvious that he needed medical attention for his right eye that was ruptured, undeveloped, and infected as well as him being underweight and covered with fleas. He wasn’t able to be handled and was labeled “wild” at the time he was dropped off at the clinic to be neutered. Jack was a Trap-Neuter-Return, although the “return” ended up being “release” in this case. He recovered from his neuter and was released with his future uncertain. After a few weeks he began to make an appearance every evening at feeding time. He soon began to trust and would come close enough to be pet. After a week of doing this, and making certain that he was able to be caught, he had surgery for enucleation (removal of the eye) and is making a great recovery.

Ling – Ling was first seen in the parking lot of a local school. She was having difficulty walking with her back legs, and it was uncertain if she had been hit by a car. Ling was caught and immediately taken to the vet. She had x-rays done and was treated for fleas, ear mites, and lice. Thankfully, she had no fractures in her hips or legs and although she continues to have limited mobility of her back legs, she is able to get around well enough. Many thanks to Good Shepherd Pet Alliance of Madison County for helping with the expenses related to getting Ling on the road to recovery.

Oliver – Oliver was found near an apartment building along with his sister. When the photographer for Whiskers TNR first saw him, she knew she had to have him! He now lives in the lap of luxury catching sunbeams on the footstool.