Foster families are needed to bridge the gap until a cat can find a forever home.

VanellopeSince we are NOT a shelter and do not have space to house adoptable pets, we are limited in the pets that are available through Whiskers.

When we become aware of available pets, either through an owner or through neighboring charities, we post their information on our Facebook page for prospective adopters to see.

On the occasion that Whiskers is called to help in a rehoming situation; such as homeless or stray cats and kittens, foster families can be utilized to act as a bridge for the cat until a forever home can be found.

Cats and kittens that are brought into care through Whiskers that have no identification, (such as a collar with tags or microchip) and no owner can be located within 14 days will become property of the Whiskers TNR program.

If you are interested in fostering during such a situation, please fill out an Application For Fostering and email the completed form to A Foster Coordinator will be in contact with you about next steps. We will provide crates and all veterinary care we deem necessary. Whenever possible, we ask that foster providers furnish food, cat litter, etc.

Financially Foster

Introducing the option to financially foster a kitten with Whiskers TNR of Warren County.
Do you like the idea of fostering but are intimidated by all it entails? You can still make a huge difference in a kitten’s life by sponsoring their first 12 weeks of life before they are adoptable at three months of age. Available kittens can be found below. Find the kitten you want to financially foster for a one-time $75 donation.
Your donation will help to cover a portion of their expenses as they grow and thrive in their foster home. Whiskers kittens have wellness visits at six, nine and twelve weeks of age, receive vaccinations, treatment for parasites (de-wormer), and prevention for flea and ticks in addition to being spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to adoption day. This top-notch care comes with a financial weight. Foster families are responsible to cover the costs of food (Science Diet preferred) and litter, and that alone can become a big expense. Whiskers TNR of Warren County recoups only a portion of this expense on adoption day.
This is where you can help! By choosing to sponsor a Whiskers TNR of Warren County kitten, you can help lift a portion of that financial weight. You will be put in contact with your sponsored kitten’s foster family. They will provide you with pictures and updates as the kitten reaches different milestones. You will have the option to have your name displayed below your sponsored kitten’s picture.
Financially fostering may give you priority for adopting when the kitty is ready. Whiskers does give priority to the physical foster family first, and we do not ask them to make their decision until the kitten is closer to 10 weeks of age. Many kittens posted on the foster page are only 4-6 weeks old, so it is too early to tell.
We look forward to this new option of financially fostering, and hope you do too. Currently, there are 40 kittens in foster, so please check back for additional kittens – we are just getting started with uploads.
Watch in the near future for other ways you can help with Warren County TNR cats.

These kitties are looking to be financially fostered!

These kitties have been financially fostered!

Thank you, sponsors, for your support!

Fill the Gap

Did you know the start-up costs for a kitten can be upwards of $400? With adoption fees only $100, there is quite a financial gap to fill. Your $50 donation can help fill the difference between the adoption cost and the initial costs of keeping a kitten healthy.

TNR Costs

For only $25, you can change the life of a feral cat in need.